We desire to establish the game of darts as a properly organised sport played and enjoyed by all
people of both sexes and by all age groups from the age of 13


We will provide good, accountable administration at every level of our organisation

We will employ practical projects to encourage new recruits to play and enjoy the sport of darts and to
develop playing skills of the highest standard

We will provide regular, good competitions that are a credit to the sport and a true challenge of the
skills and abilities of all players

We will select our best players to represent our country with honour and distinction in continental and
international tournaments

We will seek to establish the sport of darts as a serious sport code that will earn itself the respect and
recognition of our sporting nation



The premier national event, our National Championships that provides for
Inter Provincial and Inter Association team events as well as individual singles and doubles events. We
select our national teams from the best players in these Championships.

Continental (Zone VI & Africa Cup) and International (World Masters& World Cup) events.


Our development programme, Operation Bulls eye, seeks to introduce the game into all areas (with a
special attention to disadvantaged areas), to reverse the false perceptions about darts as a sport, to
raise administrative and organisational duties and to identify, encourage and honour good talent.