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180 Records
When scrutinising the 180 records, please ensure that you check under all the Districts/Associations that you have played for as duplicates might exist due to the use of the following:-
Initials instead of full name, nickname or incorrect spelling of names/surnames.
Should any duplicates exist, it would be appreciated if you could let us know so that our records could be rectified and the total of 180ís added where applicable.

Should you have a query with regards to your record of 180ís thrown, please submit your query in writing and provide as much detail as possible, i.e. No. of 180ís you should have, all Provinces, Regions, Districts, and Associations played for, full names, initials, nickname and surname.
Upon receipt of your query, an investigation will be done, feedback will be given and records will be updated if necessary.

All correspondence to the General Secretary please.
Menís National Champions
Womenís National Champions
Youth Champions
180 Records